Wide Range Portfolio by Single Manufacturer

The group prides itself by manufacturing the whole range of power protection equipments to cater the complete needs of its customers in three continents and yet innovations are on the way as line extentions and as new products to better serve the markets around the globe.

Being fully abreast of the fact that in today’s competitive environment, even millisecond power outages or distortions mean a great deal of loss to your business, PMI – OES group manufacture reliable and hi-tech energy solutions to industries where critical processes are in place. As a group, we have made great strides in developing and producing one of the most comprehensive portfolios to lead the power industry including Industrial UPS, DC Charger, Voltage Stabilizers, Inverter, Static PF Corrector, DC-DC Converter, Fequency Converter and others.. The group is capable of safeguarding the critical processes of various markets such as Oil and Gas (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream) , Petrochemical, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Metal and Mining, Cement, Water and Waste, Railway and Aviation, Defense, Process Industries, Healthcare thanks to its wide range of product portfolio.

Our vision is to be known as one of the most solution-centric power electronics company in the world and to be recognized as a leader in delivering quality and value.

  • High technology for design
  • Superior quality for production
  • Customer satisfaction for service
  • Highly motivated and happy employees



Commenced operations as R&D House


First UPS, Inverter and Stabilizer Lines introduced


Transformer and DC Charger production


Mechanical factory established


Static PF Corrector systems designed and produced


IGBT Based Stabilizer and Frequency Converter design updated


Move to new fully integrated plant with larger capacity