In Medical Sciences (Virology) from the Karolinksa Institutet, and conducted her post doctoral studies at the Center for AIDS, Stanford University Medical School.HIV Pathogenesis and HIV Reservoirs: Our group principal areas of research interest focus on molecular and medical virology and the application of innovative techniques and assays which provide new insights into disease pathogenesis and treatment Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags, especially for HIV. Our current work focuses on understanding the genetic characteristics and dynamics of persistent HIV across a range of tissues and cells to guide and assess treatment interventions designed to reduce persistent HIV reservoirs and inform HIV eradication strategies.DARE: Delaney AIDS Enterprise to find a cure: Our research group is a part of an ongoing international initiative concerned with HIV eradication strategies funded by the US NIHCharacterizing Latent HIV 1 Reservoirs: Our research group is conducting an in depth analysis of peripheral blood and tissue samples from patients to provide an unprecedented systematic survey of three important factors which influence the magnitude and nature of the HIV reservoir in patients on effective therapy: treatment initiation (during acute versus chronic infection); the pool of follicular dendritic cell associated virions in lymphoid follicles; and host genetics (CCR 5 heterozygosity).Genetic analysis of unspliced HIV RNA produced during HDAC inhibitor therapy: Despite advances in the treatment of HIV infected patients, including the complete or near complete inhibition of viral replication with standard therapies, replication competent HIV persists indefinitely in all infected individuals. This latent form persists even in persons under effective therapy and can actively and life threateningly rebound if therapy stops or is taken incorrectly.

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