DC – DC Converter

DC / DC Converters have full bridge topology, this topology allows all the switching devices to switch with zero voltage switching (ZVS) resulting in lower switching losses and an efficient converter. If required voltage levels are different than the generated DC Voltage on Rectifier Output, we can convert Rectifier Output DC Voltage to another DC Voltage with fully isolated system.

  • Full Bridge High Frequency IGBT Module
  • Customized input range based on specification
  • +/- 1% Output Voltage Stability
  • Buck (decrease) and Boost (increase) DC/DC Converter (Optional as only Buck or Only Boost)
  • DC/DC Converter can be used in DC Charger as a voltage regulator instead of Dropper Diode
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Compact Design
  • Electronic short circuit protection
  • Price competitive solution
ModelDC/DC Convertor
Topology Full Bridge High Frequency IGBT Module
Control Microprocessor Controlled System
Input Voltage Interval110VDC (between 90VDC-160VDC)/ 220VDC (between 180VDC-300VDC) (For other voltage level request, please consult )
Input Protection Thermic Magnetic Overcurrent protection via MCB and Overvoltage / Undervoltage protection
Rated PowerUp to 20 kW
Nominal Output Voltage110VDC \ 220VDC (For other voltage level request, please consult )
Output Tolerance 1%
Output ProtectionShort Circuit, Overvoltage, Overload protection
Dynamic Response +/- 5% at 50msec
MeasurementsInput Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current
IndicatorsDC Input High, DC Input Low, DC Output High, DC Output Low, Input MCB/FUSE OFF, Output MCB/FUSE OFF, Overload, IGBT SCR Fuse Failure, Overtemperature, Fan Failure, Converter Failure
Adjustable ParametersOutput Voltage and Current
Sound AlarmOn Warning Messages 2 Short ‘beep’ per 2 seconds
Open or closed free alarm contacts Input MCB OFF , Output MCB OFF, over output voltage, convertor failure, over temperature
Electrical Interference Reduction FCC Part 15 Class B
Electrical StandardsEN 50091-1 (Security) / EN 50091-2 (EMC)
Protection Level / Color IP20 / RAL7035 as standard, (Higher IP rating and different colors are available, please consult)
Isolation Voltage2000VAC input/chassis and output/chassis
MTBF 100,000 hrs. (w/out battery group)
Enclosure Material Mild Steel, Zinc-phosphate coated; 100 µm electrostatic paint; 1.5 mm thickness
Cooling Forced Fan (Standard) / Natural (OPTIONAL)
Cable Entry Bottom (Standard) / Top (OPTIONAL)
Operating Temperature -10 / +40 °C. (Higher operating temperatures are available, please consult )
Relative humidity 5 – 90 %
Operating Altitude Max. 1000 Mt. (Higher altitudes requires de-rating, please consult )
Noise Level Max. 60 db

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