Magnet Lift Rectifier

In Iron&Steel facilities, iron and steel materials are carried with magnet lifts and these magnet lifts require DC voltage which is supplied by Magnet Lift Rectifiers.

PMI Magnet Lift Rectifiers are designed for heavy duty use and consist of thyristor rectifier bridges to convert AC input to DC. An isolation input transformer is applied for best immunity to mains disturbance and galvanic isolation to the DC branch.

  • Reliable industrial topology with thyristor rectifier bridges
  • Galvanic isolation via input transformer
  • Straightforward design with low failure rate
  • Suitable with operation with/without battery due to fully regulated system,
  • Suitable with every type of magnet lift.
  • Instant demagnetization via reverse voltage apply by IGBT Bridge (Optional)
Topology Full Bridge Phase Angle Controlled Thyristor Module Rectifier
Control Microprocessor Controlled System
Option-1Freewheel Diode and Contactor
Option-2IGBT Bridge (Reverse Voltage Applied for Instant Demagnetizing )
Input Isolation TransformerGalvanically isolated / Primary & Secondary Earth Screened
Nominal Voltage and Tolerance 110/127/190/200/220/230/240/380/400/415/480 VAC ±15% (1 Phase or 3 Phase)
Nominal Frequency50 Hz / 60Hz ±5%
Input ProtectionInput: Thermic-Magnetic Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Phase Sequence Free Operation (3 Phase), Soft Start, MCB
Battery Charging Principle Constant Current/ Constant Voltage
Rated PowerDepends on DC voltage and Current
Nominal Output Voltage110 / 220 VDC (Optional DC Voltages Available)
Output Current Adjustment0-100% of Nominal Output Current
Static Tolerance ±1% (Lower values available upon request)
Output Voltage Ripple RMS≤ 1% RMS AC of Output Voltage
Boost voltage (V/C)2,4 lead acid battery 1,60 NiCd Battery (Depends on battery manufacturer recommendation)
Float voltage (V/C)2,23 lead acid battery 1,40 NiCd battery (Depends on battery manufacturer recommendation)
Dynamic Response Time and Voltage Variation<50msec, <+/-5% (for 10% – 100%, 100% – 10% step load change)
Battery TestAutomatic or manual selectable. Please refer to user manual for details
Boost Timer0 – 99,9 hours adjustable by 1 minute accuracy
Current LimitationTotal output current and battery current can be adjusted separately
Open or closed free alarm contacts “Low Battery, Mains Input Normal / Failure, Charger Failure, Overtemperature, Charger Overvoltage, Load MCB ON/ OFF, Battery MCB ON / OFF, Earth Fault”
MeasurementsLCD Display for Line Voltage / Frequency / Current (Standard in 1 Phase, Optional for 3 Phase), Battery Output Voltage / Current, Load Output Voltage, Charger Total Output Current
IndicatorsFloat Mode, Boost Mode, Current Mode, Equalize Mode, Battery Ending, Low Battery, Battery Test Failure, Line Failure, Fan Failure, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Temperature, Rectifier Failure, SCR Fuse Failure, Mains Available, Load MCB, Battery MCB
Adjustable ParametersFloat Charge Voltage, Boost Charge Voltage, Equalize Charge Voltage, Battery Charge Current, Rectifier Total Output Current, Low Battery Voltage Alarm, Earth Fault Leakage Current Alarm (only available in 4 line LCD), Battery Ending Voltage Alarm, Online Battery Test Parameters, Auto Boost Charge Parameters, Password
Event HistoryLast 250 events recorded and displayed on front panel and on PC via remote communication
Sound AlarmOn Warning Messages 2 Short ‘beep’ per 2 seconds
Circuit BreakersInput: Miniatur circuit breakers; Output: Miniatur circuit breakers / NH Fuse; Battery: Miniatur circuit breakers / NH Fuse
Over Voltage Protection IEEE 587 4500 A, 110 Joules (standard) / 40kA Surge Arrestor (OPTIONAL)
Electrical Interference Reduction FCC Part 15 Class B
Electrical StandardsEN 50091-1 (Security) / EN 50091-2 (EMC)
Protection Level / Color IP 20 / RAL 7035 (Standard), (Higher IP rating and different colors are available, please consult)
Isolation Voltage2000VAC input/chassis and output/chassis
MTBF 100,000 hrs. (w/out battery group)
Enclosure Material Mild Steel, Zinc-phosphate coated; 100 µm electrostatic paint; 1.5 mm thickness
Cooling Forced fans / Natural (optional)
Cable Entry Bottom / Top (optional)
Heater & LightningOPTIONAL
Operating Temperature -10 / +40 °C. Higher operating temperatures are available, please consult
Relative humidity 5 – 90 %
Operating Altitude Max. 1000 Mt. (Higher altitudes requires de-rating, please consult )
Noise Level Max. 65 db

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