Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Voltage Regulators are RISC microprocessor controlled devices. The microprocessor controlled PWM technology prevents the unnecessary movements of servo motor and the variable transformer. Due to its mechanical architecture there are no tap changes providing perfect instant current reaction and output voltage sensitivity. This brings low risk of break downs, long lasting operation and low maintenance.


Servo Voltage Regulators operate mechanically at 100V/sec correction speed with low output voltage tolerance as low as ±1 %. Thus they are ideal solutions for protecting electronic loads. In general applications they are highly recommended for no critical loads such as lighting, and for stabilizing input voltage in buildings and factories.


The Servo Voltage Regulators are also ideal to be used in connection with generators where the network voltage is too low and fluctuation is high. Normally, a standalone generator starts operating below 200V, however a generator coupled with a Servo or Static Voltage Stabilizer kicks in below 165V since the Servo Voltage Regulator corrects the network voltage down to 165V level. Regulator’s correction capability within this margin would prevent unnecessary operation of generators and increase system’s efficiency.

  • Measuring true RMS
  • Controlling with RISC Microprocessor
  • Perfect static and dynamic regulation
  • Wide input operating voltage range 130-270 VAC
  • Electronic protection against overload and short circuit
  • 220V ± 1% regulation with 100V/sec regulation speed
  • Programmable upper and lower limit for protecting over voltage
  • Load level, input and output voltage display
ModelSRV Series (1-Phase) 3.5kVA-20kVA / SRVT Series (3-Phase) 10.5kVA-500kVA
Topology Full Automatic Servo Control
Control RISC Microprocessor Controlled
Mechanical By-passManual “Mains Power – Voltage Regulator” Switch Selector
Input Voltage Regulation Range285 – 440 VAC (3 phase), 165-255 VAC (1 phase)
Operating Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Operating Frequency Tolerance±5%
MCBIncluded / Optional for Stabilizers
Output Voltage220/380 VAC
Output Voltage Tolerance±1.5% – ±5% Adjustable
Output FrequencyEqual to Input Frequency
Output THD Equal to Input THD
Output Protection Short Circuit, Over Current, Over and Low Voltage Disconnect Protection
Indicator and Buttons2 x 16 LCD Panel with MIMIC Diagram, Menu Set Buttons, Selection Buttons
Warning Messages with LED IndicationI/O Low/High, Overload
Viewing Measured Values Mains Voltage, Output Voltage, Load Percentage
Setting Output Tolerance% 1.5-5 Selectable Front LCD Panel
Output Upper & Lower Protection VoltageSelectable Front LCD Panel
Cabin Protection IP20 (Standard), Higher temperatures are available, please consult
Cabin ColorRAL 7035 (Standard), Different colors are available, please consuolt
VentilationForced Fan
Operating Temperature 0 / +40 °C. Higher operating temperatures are available, please consult
Relative humidity90%
Operating AttitudeMax. 2000 Mt. (Higher altitudes requires de-rating, please consult )
Noise LevelMax. 70 db at 1 meter distance

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