Static IGBT Voltage Stabilizer

A high-performance Static IGBT Voltage Stabilizer regulates grid fluctuations in the best way possible. With adequate regulation speed (1000 V/sec.) and full protection, by compensating the difference between phases as well as voltage fluctuations, it ensures the connected systems to operate reliably. Since the output voltage tolerance is ±1%, electronic stabilizer is an ideal solution to secure electronic load.  However, for applications that the network voltage changes momentarily and frequently (between 20VAC and 50VAC) the mechanical servo motor will move continuously and because of this, the risk of a breakdown goes up and the regulator’s speed might turn out to be insufficient. In cases of the network voltage changes momentarily and frequently, an Electronic Stabilizer could be the solution.

In such cases, there is no risk of a mechanical breakdown since electronic stabilizers do not have any  moving parts. They also yield better results in comparison to servo stabilizers, due to the fact that their regulation speed is 1000 V/sec. and output voltage tolerance ±1%.

Therefore, electronic stabilizers should be used applications where the network voltage changes frequently and for sensitive & critical machinery that needs high speed regulation and electronics devices. Servo stabilizers are more suitable for general applications (lighting, modulation of plant/building voltage, non-critical loads etc.), yet electronic stabilizers are still essential to counterfrequent and momentary changes in voltage during such general applications as well.

  • True RMS value measurement
  • DS-PIC microprocessor-controlled system
  • Excellent dynamic and static regulation
  • Wide input voltage interval, 130-270 VAC
  • Electronic protection against overload and short circuits
  • Regulation at 220 V ±1%, 1000V/sec. regulation speed
  • LCD Panel with load level, input and output voltages displays
  • Programmable lower and upper overvoltage protection
  • Each phase can be independently regulated. In case of a phase is out of the tolerance range, all phases are shut down at the same time. Once voltage is applied to the system again, all phases are turned on at the same time. After each phase checked separately, when all phases are in balance then output voltage is applied to the load. Thanks to this control, output voltage is applied to the load in a delayed manner. In case of any failure of the phases, all phases are simultaneously shut down to protect the system.
  • Thanks to the semi-conductive technology, risk of breakdown is low. Also service time is prolonged and maintenance free.
  • Protects itself and the system in case of sudden voltage impact or changes. If necessary, it automatically interrupts its output.
  • Monitors grid voltage changes and indicates that connected systems are protected and output voltage is fixed.
  • Output voltage is measured, adjusted and displayed to the user as TRUE RMS.
  • Displays network voltage values and notifies the user with an audible alert in case of sudden increases or drops, so that precautions can be taken.
  • Audibly notifies the user in case of overheating and overloading.
  • In case output voltage goes above the adjusted value, it shuts itself down by turning the output contactor off, thus protecting the system. Also indicates this situation through audio and LED notifications.
  • Displays output load and provides audio notification in case of overloading or short circuits. Protects itself by turning the circuit off through the output contactor.
ModelVRS Series (1-Phase) 10kVA-100kVA / VRST Series (3-Phase) 30 kVA-400kVA
Topology Full Automatic Static Stabilizer with IGBT Semiconductor Architecture including active rectifier and inverter with high frequency switching
Control DSP Controller
Overall Efficiency > 95%
Mechanical By-passManual “Mains Power – Voltage Regulator” Switched Selector
Input Voltage230/400V (3-phase) , 230V (1-phase); (Optional 115/200VAC)
Input Voltage Regulation Range ±25%; (Optional ±50%)
Operating Frequency 50 Hz±5% or 60 Hz±5%
Input MCBOptional
Output Power Factor0.8 inductive and capacitive
Output Voltage230/400V (3-phase), 230V (1-phase); voltage is adjustable through the front panel (Ex: if the load voltage is 240V for 220V system then the output voltage can be adjusted as 240V from the front panel)
Output Voltage Tolerance±1% adjustable upto 5%
Regulation Speed1000 V/sec
Dynamic Response Time ‹ 50 msec
Dynamic Response Voltage Tolerance ±10% with %100 input voltage change
Overload Level100% – 125% for 10 minutes, 125% – 150% for 1 minutes
Output FrequencyEqual to Input Frequency
Output ThD Same with Input
Output Protection Short circuit, Overvoltage, Over Temperature (electronic protection), High and Low Voltage Interruption, MCB (optional)
Load Power FactorIndependent from Inductive and Capacitive load, and unlimited
Indicator and Buttons2 x 16 LCD Panel, Menu Selection and Parameter Adjustment Buttons
Warning Messages High/Low Input Voltage, High/Low Output Voltage, Overload, Over Temperature, SCR Fuse Failure, Fan Failure
Monitored ValuesInput Power, Output Voltage and Load Percentage (%)
Output Tolerance AdjustmentBetween 1% and 5%
Output High Voltage Protection AdjustmentAdjustable between +10% and +20% in intervals of 1V
Output Low Voltage Protection AdjustmentAdjustable between -10% and -20% in intervals of 1V
Audio Alarm2 short “BEEPS” in every 2 seconds for Warning Messages
Alarm RelayOver Temperature, High 0utput Voltage, Low Output Voltage, Overload, Fan Failure, SCR Failure, Low Input Voltage, High Input Voltage
OptionalRemote Monitoring through RS-232 and RS-485 Modules, TCP/IP, Parameter Adjustment, Last 250 events recorded and displayed on front panel and on PC via remote communication
CoolingForced with Redundant Fan / Natural (OPTIONAL)
Operating Temperature -10 / +40 °C. Higher operating temperatures are available, please consult
Protection Level/ColorIP 20 / RAL 7035 (Standard), higher IP rating and different colors are available, please consult
Relative humidity90%
Operating Attitude Max. 2000 Mt. (Higher altitudes requires de-rating, please consult )
Noise Level Lower than 60dB at a distance of 1 m
Electrical StandardsEN 50091-1 (Safety) / EN 50091-2 (EMC)

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