Static Transfer Switch

The microprocessor-controlled static transfer switch constantly monitors the sources connected to the inputs; checks whether they remain within the current and frequency limits and decides if they are synchronized with each other. If the prioritized source is within the determined limits, critical load is transferred over to the prioritized source. If the prioritized source is not within the determined limits, load is then transferred to the other source which is within the determined limits.

  • Thyristor based Static Transfer Switch
  • Suitable with Synchronous and Asynchronous Transfer
  • Selectable Asynchronous Transfer Enable \ Disable
  • Synchronous Transfer Time: < 5 msec. ( ¼ cycle at 50 Hz)
  • Asynchronous Transfer Time: < 11 msec.
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Thermal Fuse Protection at Source Inputs
  • Overvoltage Protection at Source Inputs
  • Maintanance Bypass Switch protection
  • 8 Dry Contacs
  • 2×16 LCD Front Panel
  • Selectable Source Priority via Front Panel
  • Suitable with 3rd Input Source (Optional)
TopologyThyristor controlled transfer switch
Nominal Voltage220/230/240 VAC 1 Phase 380/400/415 VAC 3 Phase
Nominal Frequency 50Hz / 60 Hz
Overloading Capacity
between 100% – 125%10 min.
between %125 – 150%5 sec.
Transfer ManagementMake before break
Synchronous Transfer Time< 5 msec. ( ¼ cycle at 50 Hz)
Asynchronous Transfer Time< 11 msec.
Other Controlled Transfers0 msec.
ProtectionOver temperature Protection, MCB Protection at Source Inputs , Overvoltage Protection at Source Inputs
Front Panel Indications and WarningsSynchronization Failure (Light), Asynchronous Transfer Enabled (Light), Prioritized Source Preference (Light), Input Source Fault (Light and Sound), Over current (Light and Sound), Over temperature (Light and Sound), Thyristor Failure (Light and Sound)
Buttons“Asynchronous Transfer Enable” Button, “Manual Transfer Enable” Button, “ Reset” Button,
Protection Level / Color IP 20 / RAL 7035 (Standard), (Higher IP rating and different colors are available, please consult)
Enclosure Material Mild Steel, Zinc-phosphate coated; 100 µm electrostatic paint; 1.5 mm thickness
Cooling Forced Fan (Standard) / Natural (OPTIONAL)
Cable Entry Bottom (Standard) / Top (OPTIONAL)
Operating Temperature -10 / +40 °C. (Higher operating temperatures are available, please consult)
Relative humidity 5 – 90 %
Operating Altitude Max. 1000 Mt. (Higher altitudes requires de-rating, please consult )
Noise Level Max. 60 db

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